Eric Yi Bio

Eric Yi

Eric Yi is a respected figure in global finance with over two decades of professional experience. He has consistently delivered results for his clients while serving in world class financial institutions including SalmonSmithBarney, Hana Financial Group and Hankook Financial Group. Eric’s success driven approach has made him the go-to financial counselor for clients in New York, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Jakarta and Shenzen, China. His broad scope of capabilities allows him to serve clients as an analyst, strategist, financial derivative dealer, and fund manager for structuring and managing institutional funds. In 2001, he co-founded 1st foreign venture capital company in Shenzen, China.

Eric’s financial acumen is well known and reflected in his authoring economic columns in the major economic newspapers, magazines, and the technical analysis book about the Elliott Wave Theory. He also has translated the investment Bible, ‘Intelligent Investor’.

Over the last decade, Eric has expanded his financial scope to include real estate, with his efforts including the development of resorts in Bali Indonesia, M&A, the funding and structuring the real estate funds, and the purchase of hotels.

Eric has built a world class global network of financial partners with many global companies in NY, LA, SF, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai, and Paris; as a product of his unparalleled successes in finance and real estate development throughout the globe.

Throughout Eric’s professional career in finance and real estate, he has garnered significant experience and success for clients with all aspects of the legal process, including documentation and claims for investments throughout the globe.. Eric brings this unique skill set and expertise to the DLM Group to meet the needs companies from Asia Pacific and the United States in successfully navigating these complex regions’ legal procedures, enactment, and political issues and any other challenges their businesses will confront in the United States and the Asia Pacific region.

Eric Yi has a B.S degree from University of Southern California Accounting School. He is licensed in finance and real estate. In addition, he is a Chief of Real Estate Development at Charleston Commercial Specialty Group with a focus on the southeast region of the United States. His son is an active US Air Force member in Charleston, SC.

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