Marc Lubin Bio

Marcus P. Lubin

Marcus (Marc) Lubin has over thirty years of experience working on Capitol Hill, with a focus on foreign policy and defense issues. His expertise was widely recognized, early in his career, as he was chosen to serve as an International Observer in Angola’s Presidential Election.

Marc has unique background having worked for both senior Democratic and Republican Members of Congress. This has provided him with extensive personal contacts on both sides of the aisle, including current committee staff and senior staff of the majority and minority leadership. In addition, he has significant contacts throughout the Executive Branch including senior figures in the White House, Defense and State Departments. He most recently served as Chief of Staff to a House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee Chairman and not surprisingly has significant knowledge of the appropriations process.

Marc has considerable expertise in developing and implementing legislative and appropriations goals and strategies, beginning with the shaping of the legislative strategy that funded the Reagan Administration’s insurgency programs. His expertise in this area grew over the next two decades with the forming of legislative strategies to promote and thwart various different legislative initiatives in almost every issue area before Congress. That includes in the last  year successful bipartisan efforts on eminent domain, border security and increasing defense funding, to name just a few.

Marc has a B.A. with Honors from Lafayette College and an M.A. in International Affairs from Columbia University. In addition, he was nominated to the prestigious Phi Alpha Theta, National History Honorary Fraternity.