Direct Lobbying

DLM represents clients’ interests before the Legislature, Executive Branch Departments and Regulatory Agencies, Commissions and Boards.  These capabilities are available on both the Federal and State levels.

Strategic Planning

DLM assists its clients in identifying their advocacy goals, and creates a strategy to achieve those goals. We ensure that appropriate governmental officials understand the policy and political implications of the clients’ goals, and work to market the clients’ perspective to the media and the public. We achieve our clients’ goals by using our proven local-level lobbying and coalition building skills and partnering with other organizations and people who share the same objectives.

Budget Advocacy

DLM follows the budget throughout the various steps and advises clients on the business aspect of proposed budget items and related funding issues.


DLM provides monitoring of all legislative and administrative actions, including committee hearings, floor actions, regulatory proposals and budget items that may impact a client.


DLM assists our clients seeking procurement contracts with relationship building, strategic advice, and message development and provides the client with exposure to key decision-makers throughout the procurement process.


DLM’s track record advancing client interests internationally has included successful identification, outreach, advocacy and execution of client objectives with decision makers in US and foreign governments, multi-lateral, non-profit and advocacy organizations, as well as, the private sector

Political Activity/PAC Planning

DLM works with our clients to develop and recommend political support for elected officials, specifically tailored to each individual client’s issues. Additionally, we provide assistance with reporting requirements.


DLM guides our clients through the grant process; identifying opportunities, developing advocates and assisting throughout all steps of the submission process.


DLM provides expert experience in developing and successfully implementing non-profit fundraising campaigns essential for organizational stability. Fundraising services include: Sustainability Plans; Feasibility Analysis; Campaign Consultation; Turn-Key Implementation; Counsel; Onsite Professional Solicitation and Fundraising Campaign Strategy.


DLM guides marketing efforts to capture and secure government contracts. Assistance is offered from the initial stages identifying needs/requirements, facilitating contacts and promoting product/service, offering an unsolicited proposal and responding to solicitations.

Administrative and Logistical Support

DLM embodies the administrative and logistic resources necessary for the monitoring, documentation and submission requirements that are essential for successful execution of policy and business initiatives with government.


DLM activities and guidance are at all times in accord with all existing regulations and laws and consistent with the highest ethical standards.

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