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DLM INSIGHT – News Before It Happens

DLM’s foundation is the belief that real time intelligence is a vital ingredient in shaping the policies which impact us.    The next few months may see of flurry of activity producing regulations dramatically impacting American business and citizens.  Industries impacted would include:

  • Biofuel –  EPA is scheduled to issue its final determination on the percentage of biofuel to be included in gasoline mixtures as part of the Renewable Fuel Standard.  This decision is expected this month.
  • Pay Disparity – The SEC, in accord with the Dodd-Frank Financial reform,  will issue by October a regulation requiring companies publish the pay disparity between chief executives and average workers.
  • Power Plants – EPA will release on September 20 new  regulations on carbon emissions from new power plants.  The draft regulations are currently under review at OMB.
  • Menus – The FDA will finalize rules this September requiring restaurants with more than 20 locations post calories counts on menus and vending machines.
  • Health Care – IRS is expected to finalize rules for the penalty on those who do not carry health insurance.  It will go into effect January 2014.
  • Home Care  – The Department of Labor has missed its July deadline for finalizing rules ending the exemption of home care workers from wage requirements.
  • Silica – OSHA has missed it July target for issuing a rule limiting the amount of silica dust.

DLM will continue to keep you apprised of the news before it happens.